Legacy Members

Many incredible runners have joined the Republic over the years but sometimes, for any number of reasons, people have to leave for greener trails.  We have mad respect for all the great contributions these blckshrts made to the crew and know they still represent the spirit of the club wherever their sneakers take them next.

Natalie Baldini

Blckshrt Since April, 2014

Goal? To rededicate myself to finding my fast. I would love to shave 3 minutes off my 5K PR.

PR?  Current 5K PR: 00:26:36, goal: 23:18. Current Marathon PR: 4:44:50 Goal: under 04:00:00. Would love to run the BMW Berlin Marathon

Why Run with Republic? Running with the Republic isn't about running for likes or followers. There are plenty of crews in LA you can run with for that. Running with the Republic is about running for and towards a better community, a better self and a greater team. That is why I run with the Republic.

Fun Fact! I'm in love with running at night, the later the better, I find myself out usually around 11pm or midnight. The city is quiet, the streets are empty, and drunk people are your biggest fans. 


Blckshrt Since July, 2014

Goal? To continue to improve my run and form a lifestyle I am proud of

PR? 2:59:12 at the 2014 Chicago Marathon

Why Run with Republic? Motivation

Fun Fact! I couch-surfed my way through my first semester of college

Jordan Crosby

Blckshrt Since June, 2014

Goal? To continually bless communities with the art and joy of running.

PR? Chicago Marathon 3:27:06....or 400 meter hurdles 52.2 seconds.

Why Run with Republic? It was more than running, it was family time.  I've met some of the most remarkable people of my life through those miles shared.    

Fun Fact! I am still haunted by childhood memories of watching 'Unsolved Mysteries'.


Blckshrt Since June, 2016 

Goal? I want to keep breaking PRs and see how far I can push my body's limits.

PR? Heart of the City 5k: 15min 45secs

Why Run with Republic?  I run with the Republic to run with very fast & very cool peeps who are there to push me to my best.

Fun Fact! When was in college in Indiana, I did theater at the all women's college next door, Saint Mary's College, since they were in need of male actors. One of the roles I took was an angel & I had to grow out my blonde hair seven inches, cover my body in glitter & hang from a ladder over the stage. After that, nearly ever woman on the SMC campus knew me as the angel. 


Scotty Lash

Blckshrt Since October, 2013



Blckshrt Since May, 2014

Goal?  I aim to make other runners feel sloooow. Pych! ...but kinda.

PR? 2:58 Boston Marathon

Why Run with Republic?  Friends that make me oh so much faster.

Fun Fact!  Hopped on a freight train one night. Ended up in Pennsylvania.





Blckshrt Since June, 2016

Goal? I want to go as far as I can in the 800m. 

PR? 800m (02.15); 5k (20:04); 13.1 (1:45)

Why Run with Republic? They've become my family. Everyone is down-to-earth, encouraging, and fast. They make you feel like you're part of a family and a running team. They all strive to become better as a person or in running, and it makes me want to come back every time. 



Blckshrt Since? October, 2013

Goal? I hope to run a marathon in 3:30:00 one day; 24 minute 5K

PR? It's been a while since I've trained and raced on my own. I'd like to know this myself. Half marathons and 10K are of bigger interest than full marathons nowadays.

Why Run with Republic?  Before we were Republic we have always been friends and we've always had a good time working out together. It's a positive group that helps each other be better.

Fun Fact! Without training and telling anyone, I tried to run from my house in Silverlake to Santa Monica beach one night around midnight. I only made it to  Santa Monica and 14th when my knees gave out. Crippled and in the worst of pain I called and screamed through the phone for Natalie Baldini who came to pick me up. I could barely stand let alone walk.


Carolyn Truong

Blckshrt Since March 2014

Goal? I want to run an international marathon and get stronger

PR? 1:47 Nike Women's DC Half,  and 47:50 10K Santa Monica/Venice Xmas run

Why Run with Republic? For training, motivation and camaraderie

Fun Fact! I may come off as silly and quirky, but I scored in the 98th percentile on the GRE and finished grad school with a 4.0